The Senior Executives Association is a professional association that:

  1. Promotes good government initiatives and practices that empower senior executives and federal leaders for mission success
  2. Advocates for legislation and policies in the interests of the federal career senior executive service
  3. Facilitates networking opportunities for, and with, federal governmental leaders
  4. Connects current, rising, and aspiring leaders with continuous professional development opportunities


The professional association for…

  • Career members of the Senior Executive Service (SES), SL/ST, and equivalent positions;
  • Retired and former career federal Senior Executives and equivalents;
  • Aspiring leaders (GS-12 to GS-15s) as part of SEA’s leadership pipeline program.


Connections…Information & Insights….Advocacy….Professional Development….Building the Leadership Profession….

For over 40 years SEA has been the consistent voice for career leaders – whether in front of Congress, the Administration, or across the Executive Branch – advocating for good government solutions to the challenges facing leaders.

For a list of accomplishments SEA has secured on behalf of federal leaders and federal employees, click here. 

Above all else, SEA is guided by dedication to public service and to helping career Federal leaders better serve the American people. SEA members are part of a movement to transform government for the 21st Century and to empower senior leaders to drive change. 


SEA members receive access to member only benefits and discounts, including research and reports. Many of the professional development sessions are free to SEA members. SEA members receive weekly newsletter updates, the monthly ACTION newsletter, and the ability to join a Community of Practice or Task Force.

Most importantly, they get a seat at the table when SEA brings the perspective of senior leaders to bear on the most pressing good government policy challenges.

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SEA stays on top of issues affecting career senior leaders, as well as federal employees generally. Currently SEA is focused on:

  • Opposing the Use of Schedule F
  • Engaging with the Presidential Transition to Elevate Importance of Career Leadership
  • Revitalizing the Merit System
  • Investing in the Capability of the Federal Workforce


SEA members and staff serve on a variety of task forces or partner with organizations to drive research into good government issues. Current projects include:

  • Shared Services Leadership Coalition
  • Assessing Management Quality Task Force
  • Transforming the Governance of Federal Human Capital Management Report