Membership Categories

SEA is a professional association with a variety of membership levels for leaders across the federal government. Make sure to check out our Member Benefits before joining.

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Regular (Voting) Membership
in SEA is subdivided into 2 categories: Current Federal Government and Former/Retired Federal Government. Each of these subcategories receives the same member benefits and full suite of SEA services, including:

  • SEA’s Member to Member Mentoring Program

  • SEA’s Communities of Practice

  • Access to all programming and membership discounts

  • Eligibility for leadership roles within the organization

  • Eligibility to vote on SEA’s bylaws and other membership business

Current SES/SES Equivalents/GS-15 & GS-14
This sub-category is open to career SES, Senior Level (SL), Scientific Professional (ST), equivalent senior level positions, and some GS-15 and GS-14 employees. At the GS-15 and GS-14 (and equivalent) levels, individuals must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Equivalent executive responsibilities;

  • Positions subject to centralized control of their agency's Executive Resources Board;

  • Completed an agency executive development program/course, or similar program;

  • Attended the Federal Executive Institute.

Member dues: $179/year

Retired and Former SES/Equivalents/GS-15 & GS-14
This sub-category is open to individuals who held career SES, Senior Level (SL), Scientific Professional (ST), equivalent senior level positions in the government that have either retired from federal service or left the government for a different position. Retired/Former GS-15 and GS-14 employees in this category must meet the same eligibility requirements as listed above, during their time in service.

Member dues: $103/year

Participation Categories

As part of SEA’s goal to build the pipeline of aspiring SES and to connect leaders across government, SEA provides membership and engagement opportunities for GS-12 through GS-15 employees who are not yet eligible for full SEA membership. These categories provide access to much of what SEA has to offer. These categories do not confer voting rights, leadership positions within SEA, or access to the Member to Member Mentoring Program.


This category is for GS-14/15’s who are not eligible for full membership in SEA, yet still interested in being part of a leadership profession and engaging on SEA’s mission.

Associate dues: $149/year

Rising Leaders

This program is for GS-12 through GS-13 employees that are identified as rising stars within the Federal government (e.g. have participated in various programs: PMF, Pathways, agency-specific leadership programs, SEA/YGL Mentor/Protégé Program, etc.).

Rising Leaders dues: $99/year