Strategic Direction

SEA's Strategic Direction

SEA is governed by a strategic direction and vision that allow the Association to effectively meet its mission.

The four pillars supporting the Strategic Direction are:

1. Provide SEA members with valuable and practical resources that assist with their career advancement.

2. Advocate for the legislative and policy interests of federal career leaders.

3. Cultivates communities of practice that represent professions within the federal government.

4. Create a sustainable business model that grows SEA's membership, corporate and strategic partnerships, and operating infrastructure.



Unifying federal, career senior executives and aspiring leaders to secure and steward a professional cadre that serves the Federal government’s best interests.


The Senior Executives Association is a professional association that:

(1) promotes good government initiatives and practices that empower senior executives and federal leaders for mission success;

(2) advocates for legislation and policies in the interests of the federal career senior executive service; 

(3) facilitates networking opportunities for, and with, federal governmental leaders, and

(4) connects current, rising, and aspiring leaders with continuous professional development opportunities.

Guiding Principles

Service - Excellence - Accountability


SEA - The Voice of Senior Executives 
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