Task Forces and Coalitions

SEA members and staff lead and serve on a variety of task forces, typically focusing on a specific set of good government and leadership issues. Current Task Forces include:

Broadening Participation

The Broadening Participation Task Force is a forum where SEA members and key SEA stakeholders can network and engage with one another professionally, identify practices and programs that enable members to be more effective in their jobs and careers, and identify ways to build more diverse and inclusive leadership practices across government.

Preventing Sexual Harassment


Task Force on Assessing Management Quality

SEA, in partnership with the IBM Center for the Business of Government and the University of Illinois, Chicago and with participation from a variety of government and industry stakeholders, created a specialized task force as the second step for the SEA Project on Assessing Management Quality.

The creation of this task force marks the beginning of the second phase of the Project on Assessing Management Quality. The project contains three phases:

(1) a workshop and subsequent report on measuring management quality, completed in May;

(2) a task force to develop management assessment models; and

(3) an implementation plan for utilizing the management assessment models with government agencies.

A copy of the report, “Measuring the Quality of Management in Federal Agencies” can be downloaded for free here

Shared Services Leadership Coalition

SEA is a member of the SSLC and partners with SSLC and NAPA to create and present a variety of forums on topics of interest to leaders across government.

Now in its third year, the Shared Services Forum for Agency Implementation Leaders takes place every month on the 2nd Thursday, co-hosted by SEA with our partners at the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) and the Shared Services Leadership Coalition (SSLC). The forum is open to members. Archived presentations and discussion materials are also available online.

Fed-Postal Coalition

SEA is an active member in a coalition comprised of the federal employee unions and management associations and postal unions and management associations. Together this coalition collectively represents the full scope of the federal workforce and weighs in on issues being considered in front of Congress.

Government Managers Coalition (GMC)

SEA leads the GMC- a collection of five federal employee management associations. These groups work together to represent the federal management and leader perspective in meetings with Congress and the Administration.

Public Employees Roundtable (PER)

SEA is a founding member of PER, created in the 1980s to lead the push to recognize the work of public servants at the state, local and federal level. This work culminated in the creation of Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW). SEA continues to lead the push to recognize federal employees during PSRW and throughout the year.