Senior Executives Association Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice, or CoPs, were created under the supervision of the SEA Board of Directors to work collaboratively with SEA members and key stakeholders to share their unique experiences and expertise, seek guidance from peers across the federal sector, pursue job opportunities, and share programs and policies that improve the effectiveness of senior executives and other leaders.  

There are currently seven CoPs: 

  • Acquisition/Logistics 

  • Cyber/Security 

  • Data 

  • General Management 

  • Human Capital 

  • Intelligence 

  • Research/Scientific

Each CoP is designed to be a secure platform from which SEA members and key stakeholders are able to effectively collaborate. The overall goal is to create an environment where SEA members and stakeholders are confident that their opinions are valued and could be included as part of the overall SEA policy and legislative agendas. 

Read about the purpose of CoPs.

CoPs Admin FAQs

Joining and Participating in Communities of Practice

To join and participate in CoPs, please view the following video about how to access the forums and sign up for the distribution lists from your SEA Membership Page.

We look forward to your participation!