Bill Valdez Named SEA President

The Senior Executives Association (SEA) is pleased to announce Bill Valdez, a former Department of Energy (DOE) Senior Executive and former Senior Advisor in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), has been named SEA President.

Valdez, who originally joined SEA in 2000, has long been an active member. He was elected to SEA’s Board of Directors in 2005 and served as Chair of the Board of Directors from 2011-2013, departing the Board at the end of his third term in October 2014.

Bill Valdez

“Bill is an exemplary example of what SEA and the Senior Executive Service (SES) stand for,” said Board Chair Barbara Pabotoy. “His work at the Department of Energy led to his receipt of the Secretary’s Gold Medal as well as the prestigious honor of the Presidential Meritorious Rank Award. He upholds our core values of professional integrity and a strong commitment to public service, and we are thrilled to have him once again in a leadership role within the organization.”

Valdez, who retired from the Federal government in 2014 after more than twenty years of service at the Department on Energy (DOE), held various leadership positions, including:

• Acting Director, Office of Economic Impact and Diversity
• Director of Business Services, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
• Director of Planning and Analysis, Office of Science
• Director for Workforce Development, Office of Science

Following his departure, he has continued to serve in senior advising and consulting roles, working with multinational corporations and governments on energy, environment and science and technology policy as the Senior Vice President at Consultants International Group, Inc. and Principal of Deep Water Point, LLC. Valdez also serves as an Adjunct Faculty member at American University’s School of Public Affairs, specializing in Federal government evaluation and strategic planning to help develop the next generation of government leaders.

“As SEA continues to evolve and grow, it has been an honor and pleasure to serve as the Interim President,” said Jason Briefel, who has been in the temporary role since February. “Under Bill’s leadership, I look forward to further working to advance the needs of our membership and continuing to fight for effective and efficient government practices that enable the delivery of essential government services.”

Pabotoy thanked Briefel, who will continue in his role as the Legislative Director, for his service to the Association, stating, “During his time with SEA, Jason has demonstrated an unsurpassed dedication to the Association’s goals. With his knowledge of the legislative and political landscape, he has brought a keen comprehension of successful strategic planning and implementation that will compliment Bill’s experience in the federal community. As we transition to a new phase of leadership, the Board is confident that together both Jason and Bill will continue to prioritize and elevate SEA’s mission to support SES and Senior Professional employees and ensure a government that best serves the American public.”

The Senior Executives Association (SEA) is a professional association representing Senior Executive Service members and other career federal executives. Founded in 1980, SEA’s goals are: to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of the federal government; to advance the professionalism and advocate the interests of career federal executives; and to enhance public recognition of their contributions. The SEA Professional Development League (PDL) is a nonprofit educational organization committed to advancing the professionalism of career federal executives through the sponsorship of training, recognition, and research activities.