Senator John McCain’s Life “Embodied a Commitment to Public Service”

WASHINGTON, DC - The Senior Executives Association released the following statement in light of the news that Senator John McCain, 81, passed away over the weekend, following a recent, public battle with brain cancer.

“Senator John McCain’s life embodied a commitment to public service. From his early days in the armed forces, during which he made sacrifices of a cost few can imagine, through his final days as a United States Senator – a role in which he was known for bucking convention and working across party lines – most who worked with Senator McCain, including those who disagreed with him, knew him as a man of strong moral substance, worthy of respect. His personal story of overcoming incredible hardship while striving to champion change is an inspirational one. We are grateful for the lasting legacy of selfless service Senator McCain leaves behind, and our thoughts are with the Senator’s family as they grieve.”